Why Take An On-Camera Audition Class?

Isn't acting class enough?

No!  It is not.  An on-camera audition is way different than being on set or in the classroom.  And guess what… on-camera audition technique is not about your acting ability.  What!? 

That’s right, it’s about:

  • knowing what works on-camera in an audition setting
  • knowing how to control the room
  • having the self-awareness to put your best authentic self forward to create a unique and memorable experience for your target audience (the decision makers)
  • giving the buyer what they want/need
  • creating a picture that clearly puts you into the role they are trying to cast

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I came to L.A. was to waste my time doing theatre and taking acting classes that had nothing to do with being on-camera, much less being in the audition room.  Don’t get me wrong, theatre helped to sustain my soul and acting class certainly kept my craft sharp.  However, even the best actors...

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