How Much Training Do You Really Need?

As actors we are constantly told that we must be in class all the time.  This drives me up the wall!  It's simply not true.

Yes, I just said that!  Look, we are all different we each have our own individual needs.  Some come to Hollywood with a $60,000 acting degree.  Some have never even set foot on stage or in front of the camera.  Some of us are somewhere in between.  No matter where you come from, there are most likely parts the education you need missing.  It could be On-Camera training that you didn't receive in theatre school.  Perhaps you have no idea how to market yourself and build relationships.  Most likely, you don't even know the best legitimate places to submit for auditions.

The point I'm trying to make is we can all learn more about this industry and the career we've chosen at any given time.  However, rather than taking that acting class that doesn't challenge or thrill you just because "they" say it will look great on your resume, why not look outside the box, change gears, think about mastering your favorite social media platform to connect and build relationships with your target industry professionals.  Challenge yourself.  Allow yours to be a journey that is always changing.

When you are considering hanging out in the same class for the rest of your life, consider this...

If you had to have brain surgery.  Which Surgeon would you trust?

1. The surgeon who is busy working and constantly updated on the latest innovations.

2 The surgeon who does 1 or 2 surgeries a week and spends his nights and weekends hanging out in med school taking the same classes over and over.

I want the guy who is working! 

What does that mean to you as an actor?  It means you are getting yourself auditions and booking jobs on a regular basis.  It means you have a well rounded life, so you can jump into any networking event, interview, audition or acting job and thrive.  You'll never be boring because you experience life on a daily basis.  You keep abreast of what's going on in the industry. And you are never afraid to be yourself.

So, I encourage you to check in with yourself.  Find the things that energize you.  Let go of those which drain you.  It's okay.  You can always go back to something if you feel you need to.  The key words YOU FEEL.  This is your career, your business, you get to make your own decisions.  Embrace that!  The only true failures are not to start and not to listen to your heart.

Here's to helping you move forward - further, faster!

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