How To Do A Self tape Audition - Part 3 - Setting Up Your Shot

audition self tape Aug 29, 2018

As actors it is our job to audition.  Sometimes we are faced with challenging scenarios.  It can be difficult to know what to do in these situations.  If we do too much of the action it can look weird in an on camera audition.  Sometimes there are so many other characters in the scene, we're not sure where to look.  Other times we might be in a setting like a car or lying down in bed.

In this video we show you some simple tricks to overcome these challenges and look like a pro while doing it.  You can use these tips in your self tape auditions as well as in person auditions.  One thing to keep in mind is imagining how the shot will be set up on set.  Imagine what your close up might look like.  Take into account the angle the camera will most likely be shooting from and go from there. 

It's a little difficult to explain in writing, so watch the video to get an idea.  Then, on your next audition let your imagination go and allow yourself the freedom to play.  Enjoy!

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