How To Do A Self tape Audition - Part 4 - Editing

audition editting self tape Sep 05, 2018

Here's the transcript for this video.  Editing is so important, I hope this helps!

Melissa:            Welcome back. You made it. Part Four, How To Do A Self Tape Audition. Today we are talking about one of the most crucial elements, editing. You need to be able to send what you've just done on to casting, and Mark is going to explain it to you.

Marc:               File size is crucial. I've even read from certain casting directors that they won't accept files that are over the size recommended, and the reasons could range from that they don't want to take forever downloading them, because they might be viewing it on their smartphones, or a website that your audition videos are being hosted on that may have certain restrictions. So, let's take you through editing, very quickly. Now, the only cuts you'll be making is at the very beginning or the end of your scene if there's extra space. Do not cut anywhere else in your audition. Your scene should run from beginning to end without any edits. Just one take. If a casting director asks for a title card, it'll be a blank screen with your name, and any other information that's requested.

Marc:               Read the directions carefully. Once you have that, you can fade in or fade out where your scene begins and ends. Or, if you have multiple scenes, fade in between. Now, to your question. You're completely done editing. You're ready to export your file to a certain size. Now, every program is slightly different, but for the most part, during this stage, the program you're using will have options on sizing at that point. For further details regarding that, do a quick video search of your program, and I'm certain you'll find tons of information. Lastly, label the files exactly as requested, and if there are no instructions, label the file your name, the role, and the project title.

Melissa:            Holy smokes. There was so much in that video. Thank you for sharing that with us.

Marc:               You're welcome. You're welcome. And I know it's a lot of information, but once you do it a couple times, you will get into the rhythm of it, and then your audition tapes will begin to thrive.

Melissa:            Absolutely. And then it even becomes fun, right? Because you get to take a little more pride in your work.

Marc:               Yeah. It's like you're making your own movie. Your own miniature movie.

Melissa:            Absolutely. So, thank you so much for having us at Jive Duck Studios. It has been an absolute pleasure, and good luck to everyone at home with your auditions and your self-tapes.

Marc:               And have fun.


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